Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Artistic Mother - Video

Hello, Artistic Mothers. Well, I've had kind of a lazy summer just hanging out with my children at the pool. But it's now time for me to get back on a schedule and start back to fitting art into my life a little each day. I have been dabbling in a little art. The children and I made my husband some artsy gifts for his 50th birthday. I will post those in the next week or so. I have finished my Butterfly Reminder for Week 5 of The Artistic Mother book. And I am halfway through with The Name Plate from Week 6. I will post The Butterfly Reminder on Saturday and the Name Plate on Monday. So I am now at the halfway mark of the projects in The Artistic Mother book. My goal is to complete them all before Thanksgiving. I feel it's important I give myself a goal and a deadline to work toward so that I will take it seriously and accomplish what I have started. The reason I am going through these projects is to establish the habit of fitting a little bit of art into my daily life. This has been so good for me, and I am learning so much. I have enjoyed going through these projects with you and getting to know several of you. When we are done, I hope to continue on with our friendship and continue to visit one another's blogs.

My husband took me on a date to the Cheesecake Factory, Yumm. I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble to see if Shona's book was there. And sure enough it was; so I did a video. So if you want to hear my voice for about 50 seconds talking about Shona's book, then click on the play arrow.

I would love to hear about your summer and what you are currently working on and where you are at with the projects.

So let's get excited again and geared up to move forward. Are you with me?

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