Friday, January 1, 2010

Change For The Better

Happy New Year!!! New Year's Eve my husband took two of our daughter's, Emily, age 9, and Kimberly, age 16, to a Square Dance from 7 to midnight. They had a wonderful time dancing the night away. Then at midnight they threw balloons, confetti and popped party poppers. I had a nice relaxing evening at home with our two boys, ages 7 and 22 months. We watched movies, played games and read stories. Then at midnight we hugged, danced to music and yelled out Happy New Year, read more stories and went to bed.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and a great start to your new year. This past year has been fun for me having my new blog and getting to know so many of you. I so appreciate all of your encouraging and kind words. You have made this a very rewarding endeavor for me. Another thing that's made it so much fun to blog about my projects is blogging with my daughter, Emily. We have enjoyed doing this together, talking about what projects to do, sewing and doing art together, what pictures to post, doing giveaways, and leaving comments on our favorite blogs.

And finally resolutions. I can think of so many things that I wish to improve and work on in the new year. I will be giving these some thought and making a few simple goals. Most of all, though, I would like to keep my priorities straight and put God at the top of the list. So I leave you with this, from Priscilla Shirer's latest book, "And We Are Changed," written to her brother Anthony.

"For living a life of unbridled devotion to God

For stepping out and away from the crowd

For being different

For never acquiescing

For using your talents for Him and Him alone

For not straddling the fence

For leaving the cocoon of mediocrity behind

For living radically and outlandishly for God..."

Here's wishing you a blessed New Year.


  1. Happy and blessed new year to you and yours too!
    Best times are at home with family, thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Happy New Year heres to an arty 2010..thanks for sharing your photos from Texas..just watched ZZ Top on tv another great thing from Texas!

  3. what bold resolutions! I will check up on you;)

  4. happy new year, Trudy! wishing you a beautiful and inspiring year.


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