Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newest Members of The Artistic Mother's Art Group - Added in July

I would like to introduce you to our newest members of The Artistic Mother's Art Group. All these joined in the month of July. I hope you will add them to your list on your blog if you are keeping one and pay them a visit and help them to feel welcome.

I have all participants listed in a blog list just for the group near the top of my sidebar. Those who have posted most recently move to the top of the list. It shows five at a time; so click "show all" to see the whole list. You can come to my blog daily to see who has posted most recently so that you can visit around for inspiration as well as just encouraging one another. Thank you so much for everyone's participation. You are a great group!

97.  Deanna of A Crafty Mom's Life
98.  Cindi aka Ericksoc of So, That's Why!
99.  Jade Erin Scarlett of Jade Erin Scarlett OSCI
100 Kristen of Acorn Hill Studios

***If you are new here, I am hosting an online art group where we are working through the 12 -project workshop in Shona Cole's book, The Artistic Mother, together and blogging about our progress and visiting and encouraging one another. The purpose of this group is to learn how to balance our time between family, life's responsibilities and creative time for ourselves; to learn how to fit a little creativity into each day; to nurture our own souls so that we can be better moms and wives and to prevent burnout and depression. Please click here to read all of the details and leave a comment there if you would like to join us. In my sidebar, you will see a blog roll for the participants of this group if you would like to visit around. There is also a Flickr Group for The Artistic Mother if you would like to see the projects we have been doing in this group. The book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other bookstores as well as Amazon. You may also visit the author at her blog, An Artful Life.


  1. Hi, Trudy!
    I just this evening found your blog, and have read "The Artistic Mother." I had no idea about your group or blog but would love to join, if it is not too late.
    Thank you so much and have a great evening.

    Lisa Madden Bass

  2. what a great photo Trudy and the best thing about building a tower is knocking it down..we have a front room full of lego everywhere but my sons love making stuff with it..especially Indiana Jones planes at the moment

  3. great phot...copied and pated new girls...hugs ...xxx

  4. Cute photos Trudy! At first I thought you meant your kids had joined the group. Tee-hee! I'm sure they will someday.


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