Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vision Statement Banner, Week 4 of The Artistic Mother

Here is my Vision Statement Banner as part of Week 4, Page 83, of The Artistic Mother Workshop we are working through together.

I really enjoyed making this. I will hang it on the wall next to my computer where I can see it each day. It will be a huge help in keeping me focused on my goals and vision so that I don't get sidetracked.

In place of the ribbon to be tied to the dowel and the fibers above the group photo, I gathered strips of cotton fabric and zigzagged down center to ensure that the gathers would not come out and to add a decorative touch.
Here is my Artistic Vision Statement typed up for you for easier reading:

I am a creative wife, momma, homemaker and daughter of The King of Kings, The Holy God.
I do not live by my emotions. I spend time each day doing something creative regardless of how I feel.
Through daily sewing; mixed media, collage and crafting; photography; poetry and music, I express myself as well as strengthen and nourish my inner self, bless my family and pass on the gift of creativity to my children.
Through practicing my art, I will find the balance I so desperately long for. 
I will seek God daily for wisdom and guidance and allow Him to work through my hands to create beautiful works of art that will bless myself and others and allow me to live a full, rich and abundant life. And as I do this, I am strengthening my connection with God as I allow Him to come alongside me in this creative journey.

The two photos below show my artistic goals. As you can see, I got a little carried away, and ended up making a long list. It is a picture of the lifestyle I wish to live with my family. I truly want this creative life to permeate every aspect of my family's being.

The photo above is of my now 16, about to be 17, year old daughter when she was 2. She is the oldest one in the group shot. Our oldest daughter, who is not pictured, is off at college. She is in her third year of college. She was home schooled all the way through and received a full scholarship. (Sorry for the bit of bragging, but you can imagine our excitement)

Below: Now don't laugh at me. I know you must think I'm silly wanting to make You Tube videos and play guitar and sing at functions. One can dream, right? I'm still young at heart, and I'm a bit of a ham if you haven't noticed yet. Just look through my sewing blog a bit, and you'll see what I mean. I love the camera. I listed that here because I view music as being artistic as well. And I want to keep that goal before me. I would like to go ahead and learn guitar now, but I am already sewing, doing art, homeschooling four out of my five children and running after a toddler; so I better pace myself and save it for sometime down the road, hopefully not too many years away. I must learn patience. It's hard when you have so many things you want to learn; but fun, too.
Now we move  on to Week 5, Page 87 of The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. We'll be making a butterfly reminder. We will spend two weeks on it to give everyone as much time as possible allowing for life's interruptions. And don't forget the workshop is not just about the projects, there are also poetry and photography assignments in each chapter as well. You will be using the photographs and poetry from these assignments in your future projects. Just do a little each day and don't try to cram at the last minute. Because the whole point of this book is to make creativity a part of our lifestyles, where we do a little each day. Think of all you can accomplish with even 15 minutes a day.

Don't worry if you are just starting or are still working on the earlier projects. Don't stress or rush. You may go at your own pace. Just try to do a little each day, not too much in one day.

When we get to Week 6, I will have a big surprise announcement!!!

Go here if you would like to see an alternative way to make the vision statement banner. You can get creative with these projects and come up with your own version on each of the projects. You are not limited to just doing it the way it is in the book.

***If you are new here, I am hosting an online art group where we are working through the 12 -project workshop in Shona Cole's book, The Artistic Mother, together and blogging about our progress and visiting and encouraging one another. The purpose of this group is to learn how to balance our time between family, life's responsibilities and creative time for ourselves; to learn how to fit a little creativity into each day; to nurture our own souls so that we can be better moms and wives and to prevent burnout and depression. Please click here to read all of the details and leave a comment there if you would like to join us. In my sidebar, you will see a blog roll for the participants of this group if you would like to visit around. There is also a Flickr Group for The Artistic Mother if you would like to see the projects we have been doing in this group. The book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other bookstores as well as Amazon. You may also visit the author at her blog, An Artful Life.


  1. trudy, it's beautiful. you obviously put a great deal of thought into this project & what you want to accomplish. have a great week

  2. What a lovely banner - and such a detailed vision statement. I love your list of goals as well.
    Thanks so much for stopping by so often. I appreciate your support.

  3. what a lovely vision statement and I just love how you put it all together!!!

  4. What a beautiful banner! I love your vision statement and your goals- they are so interesting! I wish you well in working towards all of them.

  5. I have been plugging away at this (slowly, I am afraid) and just worked on my rough draft of my vision this morning... and your blog came at the perfect time.

    By the way, I find your YouTube and singing goal to be especially fantastic. I started acting after a 30 year break when I was 41. I won a best supporting actress award in January. I am one of the "oldest" actresses in the community theater world here in Bakersfield, but at 48 (I almost wrote 47!) I am so grateful to have done it AND to have the opportunity to keep doing it!

    Brava, Trudy!

  6. Great Banner!!! Trudy you are looking fabulous!!!

  7. So beautiful. The pictures add alot! Very moving vision statement. I really like seeing all the banners...each one is so beautiful, don't you think???
    Really love the opening verse to your banner, it makes it!!!

  8. you really thought about this Trudy. excellent. thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  9. Your banner and vision statement look great! It's really fun to see.

  10. Beautiful banner, beautiful colors and of course, wonderful, heart-felt goals. You know, that's what I think I have learned most about being a part of this group - since joining, I find myself sharing more and more of my personal journey, as you have done here. Thank you for it all, Kristin xo

  11. Your banner is great, as is the statement! I hope to acquire the book someday and join in with the fun creating!

    What do you plan to do with the ATC's after you make them?

  12. I have a surprise planned for some of the ATCs which I will mention during Week 6. I'll probably keep most of them, though, because they are so pretty to look at.

  13. Your banner is fabulous. This project has been a lot more involved than I thought. It has taken me a bit longer to start but the ideas are there. You have lit the fire under my butt and I hope to finish it this week. With fingers crossed.........Joyce

  14. this is lovely trudy...to be honest i don't see me doing this vision statement banner...i have howver changed my whole attitude towards art and how it MUST be a part of my life whether its once a day or once month...i must say tho, i am taking photos of my dinners in the pot before cooking and dishes dealt up, so i am seeing art and beauty even more in my life, which i didn't think could be possible...my vision statement is in my head, i am also telling people now that i DO art!!!lol..i love it....what a difference a little book and a little online group of girls can make to ones life...xxx

  15. Trudy! This is so beautiful!

    I bought Shona's Book....now, can I jump in? Or have I missed the boat???

  16. Trudy, I love your banner! I also love that you've chosen to include music in your artistic goals. You made me remember that I have a guitar hidden away in the back of my daughter's closet, that once restrung would probably love to be strummed again... not that I ever learned to play it (not YET), but the kids would LOOOOOOOVE to create some music with it. Wonderful content and beautiful reminder...

    I hope to start mine soon. I have a home/kids project that has been eating up all my "free" time lately, but I will be back into the art supplies shortly. Soldier on!

  17. Great banner. A true inspiration to have hanging near a work space. How is your mother in law?

  18. great vision statement I am looking foward to hearing you and see you play guitar..I think you look like a folk singer. Havent had time to do mine yet as been a busy and exciting week for me

  19. Great job! I love the blue & the fabric ribbons.

  20. Beautiful banner - wonderfully rich, detailed statement and goals. I definitely found this project to be much more empowering than I had expected. I love looking up at mine and reconnecting with my vision statement.

    Cannot wait to see your ATCs!


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