Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Artistic Mother Articles and Interviews With Shona Cole, Author of The Artistic Mother

Shona Cole, the Author of The Artistic Mother, has written some great articles and given some awesome interviews recently that I know you will find so encouraging as you go along this journey of doing something creative each day. I hope you will take the time to read them. You will be so inspired by this incredible woman. We are all so fortunate that Shona has taken the time to write this book and share with us her story and how she fits creativity into her busy life and how we can, too. She also has an amazing blog, An Artful Life. She shares about her creative days with her children, poetry she has written, tutorials on how to make some awesome creations, alternatives for doing the projects in her book and giveaways.

For the whole month of April, every Saturday, she is having a giveaway for an art supply starter kit for doing the projects in her book.

Her book can be ordered on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble and other book stores. The link for Amazon is in my sidebar.

Also, if you are new to my blog, I am hosting The Artistic Mother's Art Group where we are going through the projects in her book together online and blogging about about our progress. I have a list of participants in my sidebar if you would like to visit around. Click here for more information about this awesome group of ladies. Leave me a comment there is you would like to join in the fun.

And now here are the links for the articles and interviews with Shona: Enjoy!

The Artistic Mother: Art Makes Us Better Moms at The Wish Studio.

Art Saves article on Crescendoh. My Artistic Heart as a Mother

The Art of Motherhood over at Shutter Sisters

Conversations With Shona Cole over at Persisting Stars

And an interview With Shona Cole over at Visionary Mom


  1. Thanks for sharing Trudy! I'll check some of these out. I'm glad you got your award. I gave it to you, but was on the road and didn't have time to email. I thought you would eventually discover it..ha! I meant to email you but I don't know what happened. You deserve the Sunshine Award!

  2. feeling fed up so have ordered the arty mum book off Amazon..I am probably too late to join your group though but wanted to buy the book as I really love those papers you have done...especially like the photo of your messy table with all the kids around

  3. Lorraine, you are not too late to join us. I would love to have you. You would catch up very quickly. We are really not that far into it. We are spending two weeks on each project to give everyone plenty of time. But it's also okay if we aren't all at the same place at the same time to allow everyone to go at their own pace. I also know that you have so many other projects going on; so just do these when you can fit them in. But you are amazing; so I think you can handle one more challenge. So can I add your name to the list of participants?

  4. think i have read most of those...will check the others out when kids in bed....thanks trudy...xxx

  5. I didnt realize that was her blog...I will have to go visit. I havent been there in a while!


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