Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Background Papers & ATC's

I have made even MORE background papers and ATC's, artist trading cards. It's so much fun and so addicting. I could do this part of the workshop, Week One, from The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole forever. It's great preparation for the poetry journals in Week Two as well as larger collage projects. The more practice the better. Right? This time the children joined me. Kids are just amazing. They are so free to create. In their minds there are no boundaries. We really enjoyed doing this together. We did the ATC's on my birthday. As you will see, they are budding artists.

Here's my new set of background papers. Some different and lighter colors. The red is my favorite. I went crazy with the stamping. I didn't worry about how the stamps looked or placement. I just let loose and stamped almost all over the pages with various stamps and ink colors. I used Staz On permanent ink pads. They come in many different colors. I also rubbed a different oil pastel color along each edge. I didn't try to match the colors. I just grabbed a different color each time. Very random. It didn't really matter if they looked good or not; they're going to be torn up anyway. You can make a lot of papers very quickly this way.

Here are my 16 year old daughter Kimberly of What to Wear's papers.
Here is another paper Kimberly did. This one she is framing for her room.
Here are the papers of my 9 year old daughter Emily of Super Stitches.
And these are my 7 year old son Martin's papers.
And here are all of our beautiful papers torn to bits as we work on our ATC's. Did you stop breathing? How could we do that to our beautiful papers?  Right? But one must do what one must do. These papers are fulfilling their destiny. They were not meant to be works of art in and of themselves. They were meant to be a part of something bigger. And joining together with other materials, they can be even greater than they ever could have been on their own. Something really beautiful and meaningful, a true masterpiece. And the same goes with our lives. We can do so much more when we join our giftings with those of others' and work together. And we can be used to encourage and lift others up along the way. We were not meant to stay independent and isolated. We were meant to make a difference and an investment in the lives of others. We all have so much to offer. And that's what this group, The Artistic Mother's Art Group, is all about. Isn't it.
Now for the ATC's:

I made two more cards and another ATC.
Here is my ATC.

And here are my cards. On one of the cards, I pasted the hearts on upside down. Oops. And it could have been such a nice card. It had so much potential. Oh well. That's all right. That's why we practice. We learn from our mistakes. I'll make sure to pay better attention next time. Won't I?

Here is Kimberly's ATC.
Here are Emily's ATC's. She did six! She plans to do a whole deck of playing cards. She's going to collage the backside because she still wants to be able to play with the cards. Practical art. Isn't she clever? Which of Emily's is your favorite? I would love to know. Do tell.

And here is Martin's ATC.

Aren't they all so sweet? This was such fun. I highly recommend having an art day as part of your or your children's birthday celebration. 

And then after all of that hard work, we went for a nice stroll around the neighborhood as the sun was starting to go down, waved down the ice cream truck, then went inside to have apple pie and cheese cake. What a great ending to a great day. You couldn't ask for a better birthday, just hanging out and enjoying time with the ones you love.  

And now I must start working on my poetry journal using what's left of my background papers. Wish me luck. I'll show you what I come up with tomorrow or the next day. See you then. Happy creating. Trudy


  1. WOW!!! I love your use of colour! Esp love the one Kimberley is framing!

  2. what a lovely peek into your art day with your kids. and what a lovely way to spend your birthday. Your papers and ATCs turned out so well too. Mistakes are good, you are right we so learn from them.
    I have been inspired by the Artistic Mother group too and been making more and more stuff, it never hurts to go back over the basics and add to my art stash!

  3. i also say "WOW!!!" beautiful background papers, trudy....and what a very talented family!
    and what an ending to a great day: a stroll at dusk & the ice cream man. don't you just love it???

  4. Oh Trude look at those teeth and smiley faces! I need to know the name of the peachey coloured icecream with the ears.

    I LOVE your atcs and must try that too! They are so gorgeous. So much here so many new papers and rich colours. You and your kids are having a ball!

  5. Thank you, Everyone!

    Colette, the name of the peachy ice cream with the ears is The Pink Panther.

  6. What a talented family! Beautiful cards!

  7. just bevutiful trudy...the oceblock faces are too cute too...gee..the kids did a great job on their papers too...xxx

  8. What a wonderful post! Love yours and your children's art work.
    Do you use a lot of colored ink with your stamps or do you just paint on the designs? Very pretty.

  9. Thank you, Rayanne. I use colored Stayz On inks.

  10. I love the ATCs! Martin's looks like a landscape art to me. I love all the colors on yours and Emily's and Kimberly's. Text scripture on those cards are so cool!

  11. I love your creations... and your children's! Beautiful! Unfortunately, I really didn't like how my "week 1" papers turned out. I haven't even posted about them as I was disappointed.

    I'm curious about the words on yours... are they stamps? Or words bleeding through?

  12. these papers are great! i love it when my kids get in on my art projects, too. art has a wonderful way of bringing the family together! :)

  13. Dana, please try not to compare your papers to the ones of others. Trust me. Even if you don't think your papers are great, once they are cut up and applied to a collage, you will be amazed at the beauty that they become. So they don't need to look good at this stage. You can make more if you like or not. Just move forward with the next step. And even if everything we do doesn't turn out, that's okay, too, because at least we are building the habit of taking this time for ourselves; and that's why we are doing these projects. If we happen to get a few nice things made in the process, that's just icing on the cake. So hang in there and don't give up.

  14. Dana,

    I forgot to answer you question. Sorry about that. The words are from stamps.

  15. Wow! You make me want to do another set of papers right this very instant. They are gorgeous! ALL of them. I love the white stamp on the red paper, I don't know why....but I don't use white but now I must. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  16. How cool is that!! I loved seeing your kids and their projects! To answer your question, I think my favorite of Emily's is the center one on top. They are all beautiful - such a talented group! I hope your birthday was wonderful - it sounds great! Kristin xo

  17. Wow!! Those are gorgeous!!! Absolutely beautiful!


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