Monday, March 22, 2010

My Background Papers for the Artistic Mother Art Group are Done

Drum roll, please. My background papers for Week One of The Artistic Mother Workshop are done! Yea. It was fun. Wasn't it? The last picture shows my papers before they were stamped and the edges rubbed with oil pastels. Amazing what a different the stamping makes. Isn't it? I wasn't especially fond of my papers at first. But then after I had stamped them, I fell in love with them. I plan to make more papers with lighter colors. I have a few but not enough. But this will get me started. It's so nice having a stash of papers just ready to go for the future projects and not have to stop to make them later.

I still have to make my Art Action Plan Sheets, but that won't take too long. I'll just choose one of these pretty little papers to print them on.

Now on to Week Two, the poetry journal. I am so excited about this. It will make writing my own poetic words so much more fun. And we get to use bits of our papers. And after the poetry journal, we'll be making the poetry tote to carry our journal in. There will be coordinating elements within each; so they will match. What joy! What joy! Aren't you excited, too?

I need to go and read the Suggested Art Action Plan on Page 73 now so I can make sure that I'm also doing the other parts of the workshop because it's not just about doing the projects. The projects are provided to help us put into practice the concept of doing a little bit of art each day and making time for it in the midst of our busy lives. The poetry and photography assignments will be used in our future projects. So I need to make sure I'm doing those, too, so when I get to those projects, I have everything I need for them. I don't want the stress of having to rush around at the last minute trying to get it done, kind of like cramming for a test. Yuck! Who wants that stress? I want to enjoy this journey as much as possible. I think if I do a little each day in each area, I will get there in the end.

I hope you are all having fun, too. I've seen many of your papers, and they are just totally gorgeous. Remember, don't compare your papers to anyone else's and remember, too, that they are not meant to be works of art in and of themselves. We will be tearing them up and using them for our projects. So we are not going for perfection here.

 For those  of you who haven't done your papers yet or if you are just joining our group, don't fret. You still have time to do them. We are just now getting into Week 2, and we will spend two weeks on it so that everyone has a chance to catch up. I know that everyone's lives are extremely busy and that you-all have so much going on; that's why we are spending two weeks on each project, even though the book would have us do them in one. Because we will all have sick days, out-of-town company, vacations, holidays, other projects we would like to do in between these projects and just life, errands, laundry, cooking, etc., etc. So this workshop is totally doable for everyone. And it will teach us how to balance our lives and manage our time; so we need it. I know I do!

Are you taking photos of your kids, reading a little poetry each day? Week 2 will have us doing a little writing, not poetry, but words. They are short assignments. But each week's assignments will build upon the previous week's. It will take just a few minutes each day. It's really quite fun. I find that it is stretching me in a way that I haven't been stretched before and causing me to look at my world and my family in a more appreciative way. And in the end I will have made some precious keepsakes that will hold my memories.

Let me know how you're doing. How is it going for you? Are you having fun? What are you learning and getting out of The Artistic Mother's Art Group? Have you made any new friends? I know I have. You all have been great, and I feel that I am becoming friends with several of you all ready. You have been such a support to me. And that's what this group is all about, being a community and supporting and encouraging one another. A big thank you to all of you who have been visiting around. It makes such a difference. We don't want anyone to feel isolated. We are in this together.

And please note that several have joined us and I have several more that are about to be added since you've started. I keep my list updated here as well as The Artistic Mother's Art Group Blog List in my sidebar. Whoever has posted most recently moves to the top. To see all of the participants, just click the "show all." If you have made your own list of participants on your blog,  please either update yours with the new participants or come and check out my blog list each day for those who have recently posted because we want everyone to get visits. It's so important that we are here for one another. Thank you so much. I am so glad that I am doing this workshop with you and not alone. You are all amazing!

Also, Shona Cole, author of The Artistic Mother, has just done an awesome post that will be a big help to us as move into Week Two. She suggests making mini collages on playing cards to practice using our background papers before we start making our journals to train our eye to see both bad and good composition and color choices. View it as a little warmup before diving into the journal project. I am definitely going to do this. It looks like fun. She's done an excellent tutorial showing a step-by-step. I'll show you mine in a couple of days when I get it done; then I'll start working on my journal.


  1. Trudy, your papers are beautiful! This is such a great, encouraging post. I am really grateful that the Artistic Mother Group is a part of my busy life right now...I have already seen the difference it has made for me and my five children. I am paying closer attention to the beauty around me, feeling more like "me" not "just" a mom, and encouraging my children more in their creative pursuits.

    Thanks for putting this together!

  2. Becky, that is so awesome! Your life is so much richer for it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Trudy, I'm really having fun.
    I just think this is the best thing for me now...cause i'm just getting back into homemaking and I'm going all over the board( that's me).This gives me homework and it's making me stay focused, which I have problems with.hehe
    I love your papers...and if you don't mind, they are perfect!
    You have to be the sweetest person!!! Thanks again for "ALL" your work on this group.

  4. Shalom Trudy,

    Your papers are fabulous, I really love the ones with writing in the background. I am always attracted to having words in my pieces. Beautifully done!

  5. Trudy,

    These are lovely. I've so appreciated being part of this group. Feeling like I am obligated to others to create is helping me to continue forward and feel less guilt about taking the time to do so.

    Finishing my papers tonight. Glad to hear you didn't love yours at first because that's where I am right now.

  6. Trudy,

    When I opened your blog today and saw all these loverly papers I just sighed aloud. I love the saturated, deep colors you used. Your pages are simply gorgeous.

    Like many have said, I love being a part of this group - the fellowship and friendship are wonderful, and being held accountable surely helps too! And yes, knowing that I have homework to do is wonderful, and working with a plan is helping me to keep my scattered-self organized.

    One of the best things, though, is that my kids are enjoying seeing me play artfully, and really have fun working beside me. My 2 year old son loves it when "Mommy maints" (Paints, in Nate-speak!)

  7. Trudy, your papers are beautiful and you have so many! awesome, so much yummy stuff to work with.

    Thank you so much for starting this group Trudy. I am so impressed with your organization skills and for how you are blessing and encouraging women. You are a gift to us all. I am feeling encouraged by you also, makes me feel the time and effort it took to write the book was all worth it.

    Thanks for the mention of my practice tutorial, I know how intimidating it is to get started doing something new, I hope to help lots of folks get creating! I know that is your heart too :)

  8. Yes!!! Definitely having fun. I have only been able to spend a little time popping over to the other artists to see their work, your side bar is a dream (I need to figure out how to create that). I hope to spend some time this week checking other blogs and the progress they are making with this project.
    Your papers are gorgeous, so rich. I love seeing the different styles emerge. I have gotten a kick out of seeing how related my works in various mediums are by color....I didn't really "see" it before but I have lately.
    I have been reading poetry, not as much as I should be and photography.....I am doing pretty good on that end. The poetry I enjoy reading, i have tried my hand at writing some and it seems so forced. I need to work on that. That IS what this project is all about.....THANKS!

  9. The pages are awesome. I love how you grouped color families, or complimentary colors... that helps me visually to see, think, take note, etc. Also, you were BOLD with the stamping. I think stamping is like garlic. You have to use a little itsy bit to get a HINT of the flavor or to use a LOT and be BOLD... but in between... BLAH. That will help me as I work on stamping more of the pages I've worked on. Garlic as art. Who'd have thought?
    Blessings, Kim

  10. I love your brown vintage style pages very much. You look like you had fun. My book finally arrived! Wow there's some hard new stuff in there for me.


  11. trudy...i am relieved that we have 2 weeks to work on the journal because i have had my share of distractions, as you know...;)
    your background papers are lovely.... i particularly like the 2nd, vintage group from the top. it's a testament to your talent, how you can make the darker colors POP!
    also thanks for the page 73 reminder, as i do tend to get sidetracked with my projects & forget the bigger picture. with that said, i can relate to becky's comment, in which she says she is noticing more of the beauty around her. definitely not a bad thing...;)

  12. gorgeous papers! thanks for the words of encouragement, too. i will definitely take some time this week to visit everyone;s blogs. my goal is to try some of those painted pages myself this week. i've been taking photos of my girls and catching up on some other art projects.


  13. Trudy, your papers are lovely. I'm off to buy black ink...you've inspired me to do more!

  14. Great papers, Trudy! Thanks for the words of encouragement... they work!!! It's funny, once we are out of school and "on our own", there's no one looking at what we're doing, guiding us, nudging us when we need it. Then again, there's no one breathing down our necks, telling us it's all wrong, or giving us unreachable deadlines. Hmm. Guess it's a really good thing to belong to a group like this, huh? :)
    Thanks again, keep it coming!

  15. These look great Trudy! I must get on with my stamping! And my book has finally arrived today! YAY!

  16. Gasp! These papers are stunning! I LOVE the big, bold colors and the stamping. I love your use of the text and swirls specifically. Wonderful, beautiful work, Kristin xo

  17. These look great, and I really appreciate the encouragement to keep going. My papers are all gessoed up and ready for paint - can't wait.

  18. these papers are stunning....i have to tell you i have my book...it arrived on the doorstep this morning.,..i am beside myself with excitement...i have now thw ooportunity to catch up with the program as it should be, and follow shonas direction...i have only been scrapping in the past so my art skills nd knowledge are somewhat lacking.....but love to throw paint on my pages...this group witll without a doubt will help me do the pages i really want to do....i am sure you know i love this group and i am really enjoying following everyones progress....the ladies in this group are just so encouraging...it lifts the spirit...i have svid to you before, this , your group and shona's book hvs really been life changing for me...thankyou...i feel finally me again....sorry for long reply, but i needed to express...lol...take care...xxx.

  19. wow! your papers are stunning! I love seeing the progression from your previous posting.

    i am loving the support of this group and the incentive to keep moving. i have a batch of papers ready and am excited about the poetry journal. earlier in the year i put down "reading and writing more poetry" as a goal, so now I have to follow through with it! Mary Oliver is one poet i adore reading, especially now that Spring is here and her work is about nature.

    oh, and I set my new studio space! so big developments for me. i tend to take a lot of photographs, but i need to schedule in some time for just playing with my daughter and my camera.

    thank you for creating this space Trudy!

  20. Trudy...first of all, your papers are beautiful! They look like the ones we see in Somerset Studio! They in themselves are works of art.

    Secondly, thanks again for starting this group. I am feeling more and more active and motivated to do art. It is so freeing! What a blessing. Thank you!

  21. fantastic papers trudy..look great as scrapbook papers perhaps

  22. What beautiful papers! You have seriously been busy! I'm enjoying this group too. Thank you for all your hard work.

  23. Beautiful papers! So glad the group is going well.

  24. I have started with gesso on the papers and in the interim am working on my art vision and art goals. I am embarassed among all of you to admit I don't have any stamps, so tonight I am venturing out to Wal-mart to get some. It has been years since I have done a lot of crafty kind of stuff, so I don't have a supply any more. I figure I will add things little by little, but I am so looking forward to finishing up my papers. I plan on doing work on them, little by little through the weekend. I leave for Massachusetts on Monday for a week so I want to have plenty done for when I come back.

    So grateful to have found this group. Thank you, Trudy!

  25. your papers just turned out beautiful......


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