Friday, March 12, 2010

SpringFest Art Festival, Texas Wine & Art

(I would like to thank Lance Cross for providing and allowing me to use the photos of his work.)

This past weekend my husband and I got away for a few hours, just the two of us, and went to the SpringFest, Texas Wine and Art, in Old Town Spring. We had a lovely time holding hands and walking around looking at all of the art booths. There were only two that captured our attention. We saw the coolest carved cacti. I am sorry, but I didn't think to get the name of the creator of these. But they were very fascinating; so I wanted to share a few pictures of them for your enjoyment. 

Then we saw the art of Lance Cross of Abstract by Lance. Oh my!  You must see these in person to really appreciate their beauty. The texture and depth of each piece is extraordinary. He mixes things like sawdust and wood shavings in the paint to obtain the textures. Then he uses a method that he developed that he calls tuck and flow, a term which he coined. He uses acrylic paints on canvas with a high gloss enamel finish and makes his own frames. He is a fairly new artist and completely self-taught. His work comes from within and is divinely inspired. He is always coming up with new techniques and trying new things. He said that if someone says that something can't be done, he tries it; and quite often proves them otherwise. He is always on the look out for new materials to use for texture. So he is the one to bookmark and watch because I think his work is going to get better and better. I am very impressed, to say the least. The pictures on his website are a bit small, but he has them on Flickr as well, which is a little easier to see. He was so popular that he always had a crowd around him. He sold 15 of his pantings that weekend. I hope to have one of his masterpieces hanging in my home. So if you want to be inspired and amazed, pay Lance a visit. Click on my photos to enlarge them so you can see the textures and colors better.

If you are here in Texas and would like to see Lance's work in person, he will be at The Market Street Art Show in The Woodlands April 24th.


  1. cactus carving sounds like a painful job! lol very cool outcome though. what a fun date for you and marty!

    ok, so i've finally finished my new blog...you should 'see' more of me now. :-)

    hugs sweet lady!

  2. love all you've shared! can't wait for warmer weather here, wish we had more outdoor art shows in our area.

  3. At first I wasn't sure that they were real cactus. What a novel idea!
    It's nice to get out into the warmth and look at art isn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Trudy, I appreciate the comments.


  4. Trudy, I love those cacti! Awesome living art!

  5. I didnt think you could cut them and have them live....I love the cactus sculptures!!!! melinda

  6. how lovely for you both to have some time on your own..really like the textured paintings..I used to mix sawdust, sand and grit in the paint many years ago..must try that again


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